FREE MOC: Adolescent Immunizations (HPV)

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April 7, 2017
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July 31, 2017

AAP-CA Chapter 3 Free MOC Part 4 on Adolescent Immunizations (HPV)

Interested in a FREE Part 4 MOC?  There is a free EQIPP HPV MOC with 25 Part 4 MOC points that AAP-CA3 is facilitating.  Click here to view flyer and information below.  Please email  Meredith Kennedy, MPH if you’d like to sign up to participate.

Deadline to sign up is Friday, April 28th

AAP-CA Chapter 3 Free MOC Part 4 on Adolescent Immunizations (HPV)

EQIPP Adolescent Immunization Project

  • National AAP sponsored initiative
  • Aims to improve strong provider recommendation of HPV Vaccine
  • FREE to any pediatricians (AAP members and non-members) who register through ourAAP-CA3 Chapter
  • Participants will earn 25 MOC Part 4 points
  • Sign-up by Friday, April 28, 2017 by contacting Meredith Kennedy,
  • $500 incentive for participating practices  (individuals/groups) that complete the project by September 15, 2017

Project overview:

  1. Each participant willenter baseline data from 20 patient charts
  2. Baseline datawill be analyzed to identify gaps and will allow comparison of individual’s data to others in their group and within the Chapter
  3. Selectone or more gaps and create improvement plans
  4. Testidea through PDSA cycles – two more rounds of 20 patient charts


Please pass any of this information to others in your group that may be interested.