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  • HPV Vaccine Provider Education/Webinar



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  • Lessons from Healthy Development Services Brief

    Building a Developmental System of Care Puts All Children on Track for Success is a policy brief co-written by ZERO TO THREE and the American Academy of Pediatrics, California Chapter 3. The purpose of this brief is to share lessons gleaned over the past ten years from the implementation of Healthy Development Services.  Recommendations included in the brief support the implementation of services within a coordinated system to prevent developmental and behavioral risks from becoming lifelong challenges.

    Download PDF of Brief


  • FREE MOC Program for Members

    As a benefit to AAP-CA3 Members, we invite you to participate in a FREE Maintenance of Certifications (MOC) Program through our website for 25 credits of MOC Part IV. Simply register HERE.

  • REPORT: Early Childhood Mental Health Services

    The Commitment to Early Childhood Mental Health Services in San Diego County: Dedication, Vision, Innovation.
    Environmental Scan, May 2013 Report now available.
    Download report here.

  • UCSD Pediatric Resident Book Award Winners

    SEPTEMBER: Danielle Munce – Great attitude while providing excellent care to neonates

    View past winners.


A Message from the President

I would like to welcome all current and prospective American Academy of Pediatrics members to your local AAP Chapter, California Chapter 3 website.  Ten years ago, I knew very little about our local chapter.  I didn’t even understand the difference between our national AAP and local chapters.  AAP-CA Chapter 3 can help pediatric providers in San Diego and Imperial Counties become engaged at any level in the AAP.  Luckily, we have many opportunities for involvement.  Behavioral health, infectious disease, school health, early childhood literacy and childhood obesity are just a few examples of committees or projects that are very active in our chapter.  Being involved in your local chapter can be very rewarding and I encourage anyone interested to please contact us and we can let you know of all of the opportunities available.

Pat Cantrell, MD, FAAP
AAP-CA Chapter 3 President


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